The Best Hawaiian-Style Shave Ice in Honolulu: Where to Find It

If you're looking for a unique and delicious treat while visiting Honolulu, then you should definitely try Hawaiian-style shave ice. This iconic dessert has been around since the mid-19th century, when Japanese immigrants brought sugar and pineapple plantations to the island. Today, there are many places to find this delicious treat, from Matsumoto Shave Ice to Lahaina Shave Ice and Waiola Shave Ice. Each spot offers its own unique flavors and toppings, so you're sure to find something that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Read on to learn more about the best places to get shave ice in Honolulu. Matsumoto Shave Ice is an iconic business that has been around since 1951. They serve more than 1,000 shave ice creams a day, with classic flavors like vanilla, strawberry and banana, as well as more adventurous options like coconut cream or li hing mui. The generous size-to-price ratio makes it an excellent deal on shave ice on Oahu - I come every time I visit the North Coast!Lahaina Shave Ice is another popular spot for shave ice. With more than 25 different flavors to choose from and toppings ranging from ice cream to boba balls and fresh fruit, Lahaina Shave Ice is well worth a visit. This discreet location is hard to miss - just look for its rainbow-shaped shave ice logo! Open daily from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Waiola Shave Ice is known for making azuki beans every day and custard pudding and mochi balls twice a week.

Their syrups are homemade with sugar cane, some with natural flavors, and Waiola offers more than a thousand flavor combinations. Open every day except Tuesday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. The Fresh Shave is part of the new wave of shave ice spots on Kaua'i. Here, flavors can't be mixed or matched - instead, there are only combinations of pre-established menus, which bear the name of mustache styles, ranging from the healthiest to the most decadent. If you're looking for something light, try The Chevron - a coconut and lime concoction topped with chia seed and coconut cream.

For maximum hedonism, order The Dirt McGirt from the secret menu - prepared with Kauai coffee, chocolate and coconut cream, topped with crumbled chocolate cookies. Eating Hawaiian shave ice in Hawaii is like trying a cannoli in New York or sourdough bread in San Francisco. Whether you're in the mood for a classic flavor or something more adventurous, there's sure to be something that satisfies your sweet tooth at one of these iconic shave ice spots in Honolulu.

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