Where to Find the Best Hawaiian-Style Saimin Noodles in Honolulu

If you're looking for the best Hawaiian-style saimin noodles in Honolulu, you're in luck. There are plenty of delicious options to choose from. From Palace Saimin to Shige's Saimin Stand, here are the top 10 saimin restaurants near Honolulu, Hawaii.Palace Saimin is a relatively new restaurant, having opened only 10 years ago. Despite its youth, it has already won 7.3% of the votes for the best saimin on O'ahu.

Here you can order saimin oyako (slow-cooked chicken and egg), oxtail saimin, and even moyashi saimin (bean sprouts). If that sounds familiar, it's because Palace is run by members of the Dillingham Saimin family, now closed, and before that, on Saimin Boulevard.Shiro's Saimin Haven is another popular spot for saimin lovers. The original, light-flavored broth has clams and bonito flakes, and Shiro's makes its own noodles every day. But its biggest claim to fame is that you can prepare your saimin in almost 60 different ways, including with fried shrimp, pork marinade, Portuguese sausage or lumpia.

The gigantic Dodonpa bowl is stacked on top of 10 different garnishes.Tanaka Saimin is another favorite among locals. This store has been around since 1969 and won 17.1% of the votes. Tanaka does everything in the old-school style, even preparing pork broth and dried shrimp with the original recipe and hand-wrapping its own tons.Sun Noodles is another great option for saimin lovers. The only thing that has changed here is that in recent years it has been changed to Sun Noodles and you can no longer fill your own water glass with a water fountain (now it is served on your table).

Oh, and the barbecue sticks use three freshly grilled tips to order on the original grill.Finally, there's Shige's Saimin Stand. Located in Wahiawa in downtown Oahu, this restaurant has been very popular with locals since it opened in 1990. Here you can enjoy a delicious plate of noodles dipped in a warm, comforting broth.


, a mix of Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino immigrant cultures, is a unique local food that originated in Hawaii. With so many delicious options to choose from, you're sure to find something to satisfy your craving for saimin noodles in Honolulu.

Whether you're looking for a light-flavored broth or something more adventurous like oxtail saimin or moyashi saimin, there's something for everyone at these top 10 restaurants near Honolulu.

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