What's the Best Food Delivery App? - A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a quick and convenient meal without the hassle of going out? Food delivery services are a great option, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made them more commonplace than ever before. But with so many food delivery apps available, it can be hard to know which one is the best. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the top food delivery apps and their features to help you decide which one is right for you. Delivery Hero, through its subsidiary brands including Foodpanda, Glovo, PedidosYa, Tabalat and Beamin, has the most active users. Uber Eats has the highest number of single-app users outside of China.

With just a few taps on your phone, you can access a wide variety of dishes from your favorite restaurants and local businesses. But not all food delivery apps are created equal. We considered partnerships, availability, associated rates, and app membership opportunities to help you find the best food delivery app to satisfy your cravings.


is one of the most popular food delivery services, with thousands of locations across the country. You can order from your favorite restaurants as well as from liquor stores, convenience stores, and other retailers.

Doordash also offers an exclusive subscription option called Dash Pass which allows you to skip shipping costs and get credits on pickup orders.

Uber Eats

may not be as big as some of the other best food delivery apps, but there's no denying that it's a powerhouse. It is currently available in more than 500 cities and nearly 30 countries around the world including Italy, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Chile and South Africa. Popular restaurants include favorites like Pizza Hut, Popeyes, Dunkin', Outback Steakhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Sweetgreen. You also have the ability to order from pharmacies, supermarkets and pet stores for a comprehensive approach to food delivery. Ordering is simple; it only requires a few taps before your order is complete and your food is on its way.

Payment is also extremely flexible; you can pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or even Venmo. Uber Eats used to have Eats Pass but its rewards program has been replaced by Uber One which promises to save you money on your Uber and Uber Eats orders. When you subscribe you get free delivery plus discounts and savings on orders from eligible restaurants and stores.


may not be as geographically widespread as some of the other best food delivery apps but it is exclusive in its subscription options which opens up great savings opportunities. It is currently available in more than 4 000 cities such as Boston Los Angeles Miami New York City Philadelphia Washington DC and more.

With over 365 000 restaurant partnerships and 32 million diners using their service you'll find all kinds of different foods from all types of restaurants.


is the best grocery food delivery app available in Canada partnering with major supermarkets and grocery stores across the country for a wider variety of markets to choose from. It has more than 900 members in total with recognizable names such as ALDI Costco Publix Sam's Club Sprouts Wegmans and more. You can place an order for immediate delivery or schedule your delivery for several days ahead with generous delivery times ranging from 9am - 9pm.


is the best food delivery app for pizza pizza and more pizza focusing on this small niche while partnering with 19 000 pizzerias in all 50 states to bring you the best slice right to your door. It's all about highlighting local pizzerias so you can support small businesses without having to leave your home. Now that you know about some of the best food delivery apps available today, it's time to decide which one is right for you.

Consider your needs when making your decision; if you're looking for convenience then Uber Eats may be your best bet. If you're looking for discounts then DoorDash or GrubHub may be better options. And if you're looking for groceries then Instacart or Slice may be just what you need.

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