Exploring the Best Local Food Trucks in Honolulu

Honolulu is a paradise for foodies, with its abundance of delicious local cuisine and unique flavors. From traditional Filipino recipes to Hawaiian-style dishes, the city has something for everyone. But if you're looking for a truly unique experience, you should check out the local food trucks. Parked at malls and public events throughout the city, these mobile eateries offer some of the best street food in Honolulu.

If you're attending a public event, you can find out which food trucks will be there by filling out the event information. After that, the food trucks will submit a request for more information about the event and provide a catering package depending on the date and budget. One of the most popular food trucks in Honolulu is Blue Ocean Seafood & Steak. Founded in 1952, this truck serves up hot masaladas and Portuguese donuts to hungry customers. Best of all, they offer some outdoor seating shared with their neighboring truck, so you don't have to look for a place to have lunch. The Butuyan family also has three food trucks in Oahu.

With traditional Filipino recipes from Dagupan City to Oahu, they focus on organic, healthy foods that are sourced from the area. This means their menu is always changing and full of delicious surprises. If you're looking for something sweet, check out Haleiwa Bowls. This Oahu food shack specializes in acai bowls and smoothies that are perfect for taking out. The Hapa Bowl and Mana Bowl are two of their most popular dishes. For a truly unique poke experience, head to Five Star Poke.

This spot knows how to complement the natural flavor of seafood to make it the star of the show. You can choose from a variety of fish and 14 sauces that range from mild to spicy. Ry's Poke Shack is another local favorite. Here you can order poke bowls or salads with two main courses and two tablespoons of white rice and one tablespoon of macaroni salad. If you're looking for Mexican cuisine, Fiesta's Mexican Grill is the place to go. They serve some of the best street tacos and nachos in Hawaii. Finally, don't miss Tin Hut BBQ for slow-smoked ribs, shredded pork, and breast prepared with love, the old-fashioned way. With 58 trucks, trailers, and food carts in the area, it's clear that street food culture is thriving in Honolulu.

To find out more about each truck, download the Best Food Trucks mobile app which provides detailed information about each truck including their location and type of cuisine they offer.

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